December 8th, 2005

  • missy42

"Feel the names coming" or "It could be Janeway"

So we've recently acuired some new chairs to go around the dinning room table. When we got the last batch in just before Thanksgiving, I started to "feel" the names coming.

Charlie was the first one. He's a shorter chair. Then Claire (she's taller) followed by Jean Claude (another shorty). Then Cecilia, a tall one. The end chairs (the ones with arms) were a littl tougher. I figured out one: Clarise. Dad was all upset that I gave the arm chair a "girl's" name, to which mom responded "So, arms are penises, now?"

Dad was all, "No, but they're like, the Captain's chair" which of course got Mom and me even more upset.

"So what, Captains are always MEN?"

"No, no," Dad tried to recover, "I mean, it could be Janeway. But there's already too many girls. This one will be Mr. Christian."

And now my family all think I'm weird for naming chairs. Including Mom and Dad. Who helped me name them.
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