November 29th, 2008

La, Laura

Running out of names...

Funny thing is, even though naming things almost seemed to be a 'secondary theme' of 'ilovespatulas', this seems to be a thing nearly everyone on here (including myself) could agree upon...

Anyone ever run out of names?

Sounds strange, but I did. I always gave my stuff human names, and since I insist upon unique ones, all the really good ones eventually all got taken...

So eventually I went to -last names- (sorta like increasing the memory storage capacity of a computer by going from 16 bit addresses to 32 bit addresses, etc, etc LOL).

I basically just reserved three last names for anything I created, or any tangible instance of anything I owned, and created slews of other ones each for naming things falling into a given category... Problem solved.

A funny quote (actually a rule I used) came out of the project:

"Names themselves are typically named after themselves" :-D

(so in other words, the name 'Julie' herself would almost be guaranteed to be named "Julie" followed by some appropriate Last name :-D).

- Dave