January 20th, 2009

La, Laura

It's Time For Another Episode of "What is their name?"

The way this works is a user shows you an object they named, and gives you a couple of clues to give you a fighting chance to guess the name, and you try to guess the name...

You can post three guesses per day or until the posting user tells you if they are correct or not (then you get 3 more by the same rules). First one to guess the object's name wins bragging rights for their superior psychic abilities...

Here's the object...

Her very beautiful name starts with a J and is also a "word".


She's a Commodore 128 (made in the 80's), who I consider the most beautiful computer ever made:


There's a switch you can't see to the right, but that reset button is so hot :-)


Her keyboard (I'm in love with this font/lettering style in every possible sense):


More of HerCollapse )

What is her name?