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One more object to love

This community itself is a sort of inanimate object. One which I love. A few months ago I (probably like many of yourselves) was sort of bored, and probably rather tired. I was searching around with my interests list. "naming inanimate objects" brought me here. I joined. I was excited. I commented. I waited. I was saddened by lack of reply. I went back. I realized the latest update was from a few years earlier.

But with a bit of work and help from jengaholic (formerly eclectic_chic) and some luck, this dead community is having some life put into it.

I gleefully welcome new fans of this inanimate object!

I wish to inform you that I'm doing my best to contact the person I believe created this community. I've found an e-mail address and anxiously await her reply. I have volunteered to be a maintainer if she will add me as one. Does anyone find this objectionable? We can always have co-maintainers or whatever seems to work best for this community.

I might make a promotion banner or something to use for finding new members.
For now I've been up much later than planned.

Welcome once again!
Oh I'm Betsy, 17 years old, inanimate objects enthusiast currently residing in Iowa.
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