rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,


This place sounds almost exactly like what I'm looking for... Hopefully some of members are still checking their Friends pages and will see this post...

If so, there's a place on LJ very similar to this that still has some action going on... Try this place:


It's funny how LJ seems to typically have a decent amount of people interested in this subject; It's just that 'the party' keeps moving, so there's a few inactice places like this sitting around... As for me, it doesn't matter to me where such a community ends up being or who ends up being the moderator, as I just want to find a place along these Lines where I can hang out...

I have -many- such loves. I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that really what I loved was human creations in general, not just some specific genre of them...

I have clocks I love named Elaine, Lorraine, Catherine, and Charlotte. I have many electronic devices I love (gizmos, electronic games, old computers, etc) mostly with their own names, small coin-op machines I love, and even words I love...

I look forward to getting folks like us all having a good time again on LJ...

- Dave
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