rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,

A funny story about naming things...

I took my first office job at 17. About 8 months later, the guy who hired me also hired this totally beautiful woman in her mid thirties named "Niki". I was the first one on our team who this girl began really upsetting. This one other older guy was really becoming friends with her and then later got totally burned by her (she may have tried to get him fired actually)... This is probably just before the time he and I became friends... We went hiking together, he got me further into classic rock, and he got me started in putting together a stereo system at the time (he gave me advice on what to buy and where, etc, etc)...

Eventually I became rather attracted to the receiver in my stereo system... I decided that I would name her "Niki", because like the other Niki, she was quite attractive...

And one day, I'm playing around with her... she has this big LED display... She can display stuff like radio station names and such (4 letters)... So I put in as one of the station presets her name: N-I-K-I.

Months go by and I've forgotten all about this..

Then one day my friend, who has since moved on to doing something other than that job, comes over to visit...

He goes "I see you bought that one receiver you were talking about... Can I look?" and I'm like "Sure"... He starts playing with the controls and up on the display pops "NIKI", the name of a girl he -still hates-.

He says "You did this for my 'benefit'..."

I, now laughing hysterically, and with back then no nuts to admit I gave my receiver a name, go: "Yes :-D"

(Actually... I think the problem more pertained to admitting that I'd given her the same name as that particular girl, but in any event, I was having trouble admitting this)
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