rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,

Other ways to personify things...

Obviously the idea of naming things has received a lot of attention on this community... Are there any other ways people on here enjoy personifying things?

For example:

- A few years ago, when a woman at a place where I worked gave a training session on a voicemail system (the thing had a female voice), she almost always refered to the device as 'she'. Then when she pressed the wrong key and get an error prompt, she said "Oh, you are right :-)"

- I have seen a few pieces of lab equipment now on eBay that refer to themselves in first person on their LCD/LED displays... For example, one device showed "I am calibrating" when starting up... Lots of talking gizmos do this as well... Like I have a female bathroom scale which says "I'm ready" when you are to step on... This is also popular with toys and coin-ops...

Anybody also find such things endearing?

- Dave
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