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That was quick

Often I have some difficulty settling on a name. Certain things I just feel ought to have names. The sort of items that you carry around and use a lot. If I had something that was named and replace it, then of course the new one needs a name.

I got a new cell phone. My old phone, which was my first was Gerald. Once someone called me on Gerald. It was a number from my home area code, but not one I had or recognized. A little old lady (well...she sounded like one) was on the other end. After she heard me say hello she said, "Oh...I guess this isn't Gerald." I simply responded, "I think you have the wrong number."

I thought that'd be less confusing than, " phone is named Gerald."
He was the free Verizon Motorola phone of about 2.5 years ago. A silvery plate surrounded by black with a pull out antenna.

My new phone is the free Verizon Motorola of now. I left my camera connecting cords at school, so I can't do pictures...and I'm sort of too lazy anyway. It's purple and thinner and just more slick and modern seeming. I wasn't even really thinking about looking for a name for her. Then out of the blue, Sylvia seemed right. Actually, I was thinking about naming the compass that I picked out to get for Christmas (I'll be using it a lot this summer for some archaeological work) Then I had a name for my phone.

I'll need a compass name because hopefully it's a tool I become very attached to. Alternatively it'll irritate me. So, I'll start out on the right foot and give it a name before it and I head to the field. I've got time. At least Sylvia has a name. I've only had her a day. It took me over a year to name my backpack (Rita). You can't rush these things, and I had been so attached to the previous bag (Agatha) that I simply wasn't ready to name Rita for a long time.

Do you tend to find that names just come to you, or do you search them out and do it intentionally? Are you more attached to named things? What sort of things do you tend to name?
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