rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,

My Marie :-)

There are 3 elevator cars I know. I named them "Amber", "Doina" and "Carole" (all after girls I once knew :-D), and the whole elevator system they comprise I call "Marie"...

What I absolutely adore about Marie is that she is a 55 year old woman that's not going to let anybody 'control her' :-D ... I have endless blogs and videos showing Marie doing things that elevators just simply aren't supposed to do (one day she was sending all three cars to any floor who rang for en elevator... One will do, Love, but thank you :-D ... "Why do you get three elevator cars?" "Cos I'm a -V- -I- -P- :-D")...

One more recent blog sort of grew under this post I made about her on an LJ community I now seem to be the only one who posts to:


You know that sound elevators make when they arrive at a floor? Her Latest amusement is that one of her cars (Amber) will make this noise 'for no reason at all'. Last night I bought a bag of potato chips, stood inside Amber and just watched her. Every now and then she'd 'bong' for absolutely no reason. She'd also move between floors every so often and stop and wait in places without opening her doors. Amber was simply doing her own thing Last night. She really didn't seem to care what anybody else would think about this either :-)
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