rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,

My Fran :-)

When I got my first apartment, I somehow had a Sears catalog. They used to sell the following Language translator device for like 2 or 3 hundred dollars:


And I'd always look at that picture in the catalog, and I'd really want her, but that was a lot of money and this was my first job and may not have even had the money to spare....

Anyway, years went by and I forgot all about her eventually, but then even Later I remembered again... I had no idea the manufacturer or model number (may not have even been mentioned in the catalog), but I kept searching online... I eventually found and bought Fran (the one I have and who is in this picture)...

The abbreviations for the Languages above the top keys are in a direct relative of my favorite font...

As priorly illuded to, I -love- things who act like they have a mind of their own... This is totally Fran as I excitedly found out the day she arrived. She'll ignore keypresses sometimes. She'll repeat keypresses as many as 8 times sometimes for no reason... She'll print the wrong letter for a pressed key sometimes, even sometimes outright switching herself off on a keypress... Once when her batteries were low, she showed 'REN' as a month abbreviation (I adore this name by the way, which is a totally separate thing from my interest in Fran)...

But yeah, I totally adore Fran for these things... Sometimes on rare occasions I do need Fran for her intended purpose, and sometimes she'll cooperate... Even when not though, I love her all the same :-)
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