rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in ilovespatulas,

Fan I Love

When I was in high-school, my dad had aspirations to sell used books and records as an after-retirement business... He had been stockpiling the items for years, carefully picking what he thought would reach his market, and now he had a booth in a flea-market to sell the stuff...

The arrangement was simple and of the 10 or so vendors working the flea market, two would man the store at any time, which meant everyone didn't always have to be there...

This also meant I spent more time there than I sometimes wanted...

This really large woman was one of the other sellers. She was very beautiful, and I was attracted to her. She also always brought in the most elegant looking little blue plastic deskfan you could imagine to cool her large self off... I wanted both of them really :-)

Anyway I had no money to track down my own such fan back then, but about 5(?) years ago, I finally found a fan on eBay almost the same made by the same manufacturer (I thought the one I saw as a kid was entirely blue/without a clear grill, but the seller on eBay, who is supposividly an expert on fan collecting, says Lakewood -never made- an all blue plastic fan... I still disagree)...

Anyway, I named mine "Lolinda" (the blue and clear one you see here) ... The brown one (she doesn't have a name yet) is a similar model that was being thrown away at a previous employer years before finding Lolinda. The one I fell in love with as a kid would appear to have design attributes from both...

All of them have the same beautiful script "Lw" logo, which along with the blue color explains why I fell for the one as a kid...




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