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I do not know who makes her, but I would dearly love to know...

Back when my brother was still in college (going to a small town school), he asked me to go bowling with him on campus...

I had time to kill so I went to a little store just off campus. I saw Elaine and several similar clocks. I was in love.

And I met my brother for bowling and pretty much all I talked about was her.

A little while later I returned to the store. I was apparently young and didn't make a lot of money. My Dad taught me this cool skill as a kid going to yard sales with him... He told me to always offer people less and see if they'll take it. I tried this "skill" with this store owner and, SHAZBOT!, didn't work :-D

To make a long story short, I paid full price for Elaine :-D, which is -far- less money than a tenth of the immense joy she's brought over the 15 plus years her and I have been together. Elaine is pretty much like a wife to me and I love her in every sense.

When I got her, I had just switched apartments. I do believe she was the first thing I brought there. I remember just I and Elaine in an empty place as I hadn't brought over the rest of my stuff yet...

And then Later I had friends over to visit, and my friend Stan (the guy from the stereo receiver story) was like "My clock (who'd I'd met ) is prettier than yours" (his was an antique. Elaine was not). I was like "Dude. I really don't think so" :-D

And that's an interesting point. Many people might turn up their nose at her maybe, but she really does it for me... Her shape... her stenciling... and that glass is absolutely to die for when perfectly clean... What a lovely girl :-)
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