OK, elevator, Marie

My Marie :-)

There are 3 elevator cars I know. I named them "Amber", "Doina" and "Carole" (all after girls I once knew :-D), and the whole elevator system they comprise I call "Marie"...

What I absolutely adore about Marie is that she is a 55 year old woman that's not going to let anybody 'control her' :-D ... I have endless blogs and videos showing Marie doing things that elevators just simply aren't supposed to do (one day she was sending all three cars to any floor who rang for en elevator... One will do, Love, but thank you :-D ... "Why do you get three elevator cars?" "Cos I'm a -V- -I- -P- :-D")...

One more recent blog sort of grew under this post I made about her on an LJ community I now seem to be the only one who posts to:


You know that sound elevators make when they arrive at a floor? Her Latest amusement is that one of her cars (Amber) will make this noise 'for no reason at all'. Last night I bought a bag of potato chips, stood inside Amber and just watched her. Every now and then she'd 'bong' for absolutely no reason. She'd also move between floors every so often and stop and wait in places without opening her doors. Amber was simply doing her own thing Last night. She really didn't seem to care what anybody else would think about this either :-)

That was quick

Often I have some difficulty settling on a name. Certain things I just feel ought to have names. The sort of items that you carry around and use a lot. If I had something that was named and replace it, then of course the new one needs a name.

I got a new cell phone. My old phone, which was my first was Gerald. Once someone called me on Gerald. It was a number from my home area code, but not one I had or recognized. A little old lady (well...she sounded like one) was on the other end. After she heard me say hello she said, "Oh...I guess this isn't Gerald." I simply responded, "I think you have the wrong number."

I thought that'd be less confusing than, "Well...my phone is named Gerald."
He was the free Verizon Motorola phone of about 2.5 years ago. A silvery plate surrounded by black with a pull out antenna.

My new phone is the free Verizon Motorola of now. I left my camera connecting cords at school, so I can't do pictures...and I'm sort of too lazy anyway. It's purple and thinner and just more slick and modern seeming. I wasn't even really thinking about looking for a name for her. Then out of the blue, Sylvia seemed right. Actually, I was thinking about naming the compass that I picked out to get for Christmas (I'll be using it a lot this summer for some archaeological work) Then I had a name for my phone.

I'll need a compass name because hopefully it's a tool I become very attached to. Alternatively it'll irritate me. So, I'll start out on the right foot and give it a name before it and I head to the field. I've got time. At least Sylvia has a name. I've only had her a day. It took me over a year to name my backpack (Rita). You can't rush these things, and I had been so attached to the previous bag (Agatha) that I simply wasn't ready to name Rita for a long time.

Do you tend to find that names just come to you, or do you search them out and do it intentionally? Are you more attached to named things? What sort of things do you tend to name?
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Other ways to personify things...

Obviously the idea of naming things has received a lot of attention on this community... Are there any other ways people on here enjoy personifying things?

For example:

- A few years ago, when a woman at a place where I worked gave a training session on a voicemail system (the thing had a female voice), she almost always refered to the device as 'she'. Then when she pressed the wrong key and get an error prompt, she said "Oh, you are right :-)"

- I have seen a few pieces of lab equipment now on eBay that refer to themselves in first person on their LCD/LED displays... For example, one device showed "I am calibrating" when starting up... Lots of talking gizmos do this as well... Like I have a female bathroom scale which says "I'm ready" when you are to step on... This is also popular with toys and coin-ops...

Anybody also find such things endearing?

- Dave
La, Laura

My Beautiful Doreen

She's a cookie or cracker tin... I have 2 different ones, but she's the most -rockin'- of my two :-)

I met her one day in a secondhand store in Manassas, VA and I could not believe finding such a beautiful thing...



Maura HerCollapse )

Ok... Based on replies, we've got atleast two people on here whose keyboards still work... How do we get everyone else to use theirs?

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La, Laura

A funny story about naming things...

I took my first office job at 17. About 8 months later, the guy who hired me also hired this totally beautiful woman in her mid thirties named "Niki". I was the first one on our team who this girl began really upsetting. This one other older guy was really becoming friends with her and then later got totally burned by her (she may have tried to get him fired actually)... This is probably just before the time he and I became friends... We went hiking together, he got me further into classic rock, and he got me started in putting together a stereo system at the time (he gave me advice on what to buy and where, etc, etc)...

Eventually I became rather attracted to the receiver in my stereo system... I decided that I would name her "Niki", because like the other Niki, she was quite attractive...

And one day, I'm playing around with her... she has this big LED display... She can display stuff like radio station names and such (4 letters)... So I put in as one of the station presets her name: N-I-K-I.

Months go by and I've forgotten all about this..

Then one day my friend, who has since moved on to doing something other than that job, comes over to visit...

He goes "I see you bought that one receiver you were talking about... Can I look?" and I'm like "Sure"... He starts playing with the controls and up on the display pops "NIKI", the name of a girl he -still hates-.

He says "You did this for my 'benefit'..."

I, now laughing hysterically, and with back then no nuts to admit I gave my receiver a name, go: "Yes :-D"

(Actually... I think the problem more pertained to admitting that I'd given her the same name as that particular girl, but in any event, I was having trouble admitting this)
La, Laura

Running out of names...

Funny thing is, even though naming things almost seemed to be a 'secondary theme' of 'ilovespatulas', this seems to be a thing nearly everyone on here (including myself) could agree upon...

Anyone ever run out of names?

Sounds strange, but I did. I always gave my stuff human names, and since I insist upon unique ones, all the really good ones eventually all got taken...

So eventually I went to -last names- (sorta like increasing the memory storage capacity of a computer by going from 16 bit addresses to 32 bit addresses, etc, etc LOL).

I basically just reserved three last names for anything I created, or any tangible instance of anything I owned, and created slews of other ones each for naming things falling into a given category... Problem solved.

A funny quote (actually a rule I used) came out of the project:

"Names themselves are typically named after themselves" :-D

(so in other words, the name 'Julie' herself would almost be guaranteed to be named "Julie" followed by some appropriate Last name :-D).

- Dave
La, Laura


This place sounds almost exactly like what I'm looking for... Hopefully some of members are still checking their Friends pages and will see this post...

If so, there's a place on LJ very similar to this that still has some action going on... Try this place:


It's funny how LJ seems to typically have a decent amount of people interested in this subject; It's just that 'the party' keeps moving, so there's a few inactice places like this sitting around... As for me, it doesn't matter to me where such a community ends up being or who ends up being the moderator, as I just want to find a place along these Lines where I can hang out...

I have -many- such loves. I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that really what I loved was human creations in general, not just some specific genre of them...

I have clocks I love named Elaine, Lorraine, Catherine, and Charlotte. I have many electronic devices I love (gizmos, electronic games, old computers, etc) mostly with their own names, small coin-op machines I love, and even words I love...

I look forward to getting folks like us all having a good time again on LJ...

- Dave

(no subject)

Well I arrived home after school to find we had gotten a new refridgerator. I had been told we were looking into a new one, but I thought it was a distant future type thing. Maybe after I go off to college in the Fall they'd replace the fridge I grew up with.

Now it had not been in the best of shape for quite awhile, but still kept things cold. I was fond of its not entirely clean self after a fashion. Now I know maybe it's best for the fridge to move on to a new stage, but I was sad noone gave me a chance to say goodbye.

I leave the docile white fridge in the morning, not knowing that this was my last morning to get things from it. I return after school to find a curved shiny mass of a fridge replacing it.

However, I think in time I can come to like the new fridge. Although it has a seemingly (oh dear all the words that come to mind are puns) cold, steely exterior, the inside is really quite charming.

Luckily, the old fridge is not on its way to be tossed out. It is going to live in the local community theater. So next time I may find myself there I might have to sneak into that room on the side and give my fridge a fond pat.

My mother seemed surprised that I would have needed to say goodbye.
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"Feel the names coming" or "It could be Janeway"

So we've recently acuired some new chairs to go around the dinning room table. When we got the last batch in just before Thanksgiving, I started to "feel" the names coming.

Charlie was the first one. He's a shorter chair. Then Claire (she's taller) followed by Jean Claude (another shorty). Then Cecilia, a tall one. The end chairs (the ones with arms) were a littl tougher. I figured out one: Clarise. Dad was all upset that I gave the arm chair a "girl's" name, to which mom responded "So, arms are penises, now?"

Dad was all, "No, but they're like, the Captain's chair" which of course got Mom and me even more upset.

"So what, Captains are always MEN?"

"No, no," Dad tried to recover, "I mean, it could be Janeway. But there's already too many girls. This one will be Mr. Christian."

And now my family all think I'm weird for naming chairs. Including Mom and Dad. Who helped me name them.
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