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So I recently had braces removed. When I had to return to the orthodontist to get my retainers I was pretty excited. And then I felt like quite the dork. In third grade I had an expanding retainer which I guess I grew oddly attached to. Anyrate, I was looking forward to getting these replacement retainers.

And the fact is they are a pain to be taking in and out, and cleaning, and are sort of bothersome in general. Yet they're definetly better than braces, and in the end I'm oddly fond of my new retainers.

Well I figured it anyone would not be completely weirded out it'd be you guys.
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as promised

Now these are just pictures, I don't know how to make banners that people can click to go directly to the community so make sure to post with a link.
I made 4 community promotion things because I should be asleep, but it's summer!

I'll put them behind a cut Read more...Collapse )

So that was fun. If you've noticed changes in the community those were done by the community creator, Kris. Or magically.
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One more object to love

This community itself is a sort of inanimate object. One which I love. A few months ago I (probably like many of yourselves) was sort of bored, and probably rather tired. I was searching around with my interests list. "naming inanimate objects" brought me here. I joined. I was excited. I commented. I waited. I was saddened by lack of reply. I went back. I realized the latest update was from a few years earlier.

But with a bit of work and help from jengaholic (formerly eclectic_chic) and some luck, this dead community is having some life put into it.

I gleefully welcome new fans of this inanimate object!

I wish to inform you that I'm doing my best to contact the person I believe created this community. I've found an e-mail address and anxiously await her reply. I have volunteered to be a maintainer if she will add me as one. Does anyone find this objectionable? We can always have co-maintainers or whatever seems to work best for this community.

I might make a promotion banner or something to use for finding new members.
For now I've been up much later than planned.

Welcome once again!
Oh I'm Betsy, 17 years old, inanimate objects enthusiast currently residing in Iowa.
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Hmm... Well if anyone is still here, I have a question.

Now objects are made to be named for me. Sure, they may have other useful purposes, such as eating with, using to cut paper and typing with, but naming them is very important. :)P
Is there any object you really hate and refuse to name?

(*whispers* For me it is spoons.
I do not know why, but I hate spoons. Sorry spoon-lovers everywhere, but it's true.)
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Pj Harvey

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Hey everyone I'm Karma, just joined. Anyone still here? I'm gonna ask more people to join, cause it's a really cool idea for a community.

I love inanimate objects.
Often more than people.
And I'm glad I'm not alone.
Everything should have a name too. It's weird if you just call a pen "pen" or a frying pan "frying pan". How do you differentiate it from other pens? Or other frying pans? Weird I tell ya...
And I find it annoying when I say "can you pass me Freddy" and people don't know that I'm talking about my phone and then laugh. *shakes fist in air*

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and inanimate objects rock!
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"Lives and even spirits" or "Such a spiffy idea"

Hi. I'm new here - just joined, like 2 minutes ago. I like naming inanimate objects. I guess it started with stuffed animals and dolls and figurines when I was a kid. I had some really crazy names for some of them, some of which I don't even remember. I do remember being in love with The Velveteen Rabbit, and really believing that our everyday objects could have on lives and even spirits of their own.

But I didn't realize how much I really liked naming them until college. I had this laptop that wasn't always the most pleasant of objects, and it just had such a strong personality. In Spanish class my first semester, one of our words was "nefasto," which means "disastrous." I saw that, and I just knew that's what my laptop's name was. I've been venturing outside of childhood toys since then, naming all kinds of stuff, usually after stuff from songs, especially Tori Amos. I have few objects that still need names, which I'll ask about later. For now, I'll just say thanks for such a spiffy idea for a community!

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another inanimate object to love!

Stickers! Like campaign stickers. Student council stickers. I created a bunch for my friend Kay and her running mate Xin. And I've grown rather attached to them. Especially seeing other people get excited "you have flaming crawdads!" (kayxin = cajun) Makes me happy. The stickers themselves did. Also that they inspired the other sticker maker for the campaign to make more interesting ones.

Amazing what scraps of sticky paper can do. And if it applies to you... Vote KayXin! Like Cajun only more Co-presidenty!
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