Love- it's not just for spatulas anymore!

But we all knew that already.
So as I was riding my bike today I was reflecting on what a trusty thing it is. And realized it doesn't have a name. Any suggestions? I'm not sure of it's gender, probably more of a girl. (I just tend to label things as male) It's teal. It says Cambridge on the side. Not much else to say really.

Any suggestions?

Maybe Winifred, or Beatrice.
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wheer is everyone?

I think we need to go out and find people to join..or hitn at them to find us, and then make them join..because, hello, if they knew there was a club for the loving of spatulas, who WOULDN'T join? pffft, when I found out I know I signed right up. Who's with me? hmm?
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I love spatulas, but that's rather obvious, now isn't it? This is my first post onto this great commmunity. WE SHALL REVIVE IT! WOOHOO! Right Betsy? Haha, anyway. toodle-loo, and always remember my adoration of the inanimate.
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Well today I was trying to sit down in class but Fred, my friends backpack, was in the way. "Rachel, Fred's in my way." The person who sits behind us gave me a very odd way and expressed his views that naming backpacks is odd. So I introduced him to Tonto, Agatha, and Fred who all sit with their people in front (Agatha is mine). He asked who the Lone Ranger was and decided his bag would be. So he went from disapproving to naming his bag within less than two minutes.

Deep down inside I think everyone likes naming things once they get over any embarassment.
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Oh the well

I appear to have joined a defunct community, but I have hope.

I tend to grow overly attached to inanimate objects.

I wept when my calculator died, and I don't cry very often.

I have a lunchbox, Beaugard. Backpack, Agatha. And Rufus my violin. Rufus is the one that started the naming I think. And now people talk to him through his case in the hallway.

I also encourage others to name things.

Inanimate objects are part of our lives, and especially items we work with daily might as well become friends.
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